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Google sales ads campaign allow your business to generate online sales through Phone Calls, Direct user Purchase from Your Website or App, and can generate leads/inquiries directly over the phone call.

  • Available Ad Placement Opportunities: Search, Performance Max, Display, Discovery.
  • Campaign Daily Budget (Suggested): $12 to $50 Per day. The daily budget depends up on the industry, keywords and their targeted CPC Suggestions for the top page bid and low page bid by the Keywords Planner Tool.
  • Google Ads Campaign Creation Cost: For non-Ecommerce Google ads campaigns we charge a flat fee of $100 for 1 Google ads campaign creation. For eCommerce Industry Campaign Creation Cost varies in between $150 to $200 on the basis of the type of campaign and integrations required.
  • Monthly Professional Fee: We charge a fee of 15% on the total monthly spending on the campaign in which we manage and optimize and keep a track on the campaign performance.
  • Number of Keywords Inclusions: Unlimited Keywords Inclusion and Exclusion in the Google sales ad campaign.
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